About Us

About Us

This is not the global headquarters, for the Shark Research Institute web site. This is the site for the Shark Research Institute’s Australian shark investigators.

Our local charter, authorised by the S.R.I.:

To gather data for the global shark attack file that is maintained by the S.R.I. This data is used by researchers worldwide to identify factors which are conducive to, or may trigger shark attacks. Data is accessed by physicians to determine treatment protocols for shark attack victims.

What are the credentials of the S.R.I.

Recognised world wide as specialists.

Members include;

  • World recognised shark behavioural scientists
  • Forensic shark attack investigators
  • Orthopaedic surgeons
  • Forensic odontologists
  • Marine biologists
  • Technical writers and authors
  • Specialist police licensed investigators.
  • Shark researchers
  • Research and development electronic engineers
  • Field investigators in different countries including Australia

Who is the G.S.A.F. associated with

Although the Global Shark Attack file operates under the aegis of S.R.I., more and more these days it functions as an umbrella network that includes a number of independent shark attack files in the Mediterranean, Africa, South America and Australia. Until the Australasian Shark Attack file was in place, Australia was one of the few countries in the world which would not contribute to the Global Shark Attack file.

How long has it been going

Since 1991, however, it contains all of South Africa’s records, including the complete files of Dr David Davies, archival shark attack case histories from many sources and research facilities, as well as all cases investigated by our field researchers. The G.S.A.F. main data base contains over 2000 confirmed Shark Attacks dating from 751 B.C. to current times.