Is Breaking A Tooth An Emergency?

Is it a dental emergency if a tooth is damaged or cracked? It could be an emergency or not. Find out how to determine the severity of the situation and what to do next. Visit 24-hour emergency dentist for additional information.

emergency dental care

Knowing how to deal with dental crises

A dental emergency needs the assistance of a medical expert right away. In many circumstances, this entails contacting a dentist and making an appointment the same day. In other cases, a visit to a hospital emergency room or urgent care facility may be required. This allows dental patients to receive medical therapy while they wait to be seen by a dentist.

Knowing when to seek medical help in an emergency

A broken tooth almost always necessitates a trip to the emergency dentist. In fact, one of the most common dental emergencies is tooth fractures. It is not uncommon for people to break their teeth as a result of sports-related activity, falling, or eating food, according to this article. While broken teeth are a significant issue, there are two sorts of fractures that aren’t life-threatening.

Minor tooth fractures or chipped teeth do not necessitate a trip to the dentist or the emergency room right away. Your entire health and well-being are unaffected. As a result, simply making a routine dental appointment is sufficient.

Major tooth fractures, on the other hand, necessitate emergency dental care. A major fracture is one in which a significant portion of the tooth has been lost. This illness is frequently accompanied by excruciating dental discomfort. It is critical to seek medical help as soon as possible in these conditions.

What Should You Do if Your Tooth is Chipped or Broken?

Save any parts of the tooth that you can and clean your mouth and any bits that you locate as soon as possible. If bleeding occurs, apply gauze pressure to the area for about 10 minutes, or until the flow stops. Apply ice or a cold compress to the affected region if it starts to pain or swells. Then make an appointment with your dentist right soon.


Do you need to go to the dentist right away if you have a fractured tooth? That question does not always have a straightforward response. The degree of the fracture will determine how long it takes to heal. Minor chips, for example, can be put off until a later appointment. If a large amount of the tooth is fractured, however, seek medical help right away. In many circumstances, a dentist can fit an emergency into his or her schedule on short notice.


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